We would like to thank you all for taking the time to write such wonderful letters.
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Susan T.: "God Bless your hands Michele, we will not be returning this Bow it is truely beautiful! Susan"

Karen.: "Hi Michele! I GOT IT!!  I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!  This new comb is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!
I cannot tell you HOW fantastic you have been to work with. (are you getting a bit of my enthusiasm through this email I hope??!!)  I thank you for your patience, your understanding, and most of all, your amazing vision in making these beautiful combs! I will certainly send you pictures to show you how wonderful they looked in my hair and most importantly...I AM TELLING EVERYONE WHO WILL LISTEN TO ME not only that you are an amazing designer and make beautiful hairpieces and jewelry, but also that you are simply fantastic to work with and would do this all again in a heartbeat! (I DO hope you hear from some of those people in the way of business) Thank you for contributing the beauty of the day! You will hear from me again! All my best to you-- Karen"

Kylee W.: "Michele, I just wanted to say that I recieved the jewelry and I love it. Thank you very much for taking the time to make it for me. I know this will make my wedding date even more beautiful. Thank you!!! Kylee W"

Kathy: "Hi Michele, I received the jewelry today and it is absolutely beautiful. What a fabulous job you did. The hair ornaments are the most gorgeous ones I have ever seen. I also want to thank you for the earrings. I love them and it was so thoughtful of you. It has been an extreme pleasure working with you and thank you so much for being a part of my wedding. It is because of people like you that my wedding will be perfect. Thank you again for all you have done. Sincerely, Kathy"

Katrina K.: "Michele, The headpiece is perfect! Thank you so much. Thanks again, Katie "

Kellee M.: "Michele! I love the necklace you made me, it's perfect! It fits like a dream too. Kellee"

Kerrie F.: "Michele, It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it! I could not be more pleased! Thank You! Kerrie "

Kerry C.: "Michele, I just wanted you to know that I received the hair pins today and they are beautiful. I absolutely love them! You did a wonderful job! What a unique idea to have them opening up into a flower! I'm sure the girls will love them. Thanks again! Kerry "

Kimberly R.: "Dear Michele, I received the ring in the mail and it's great! It's so beautiful and it looks good on the hand. Very posh! I will definitely be ordering more custom pieces in the future! Thanks for everything. --Kimberly "

Kimberly T.:
"Michele, You are AMAZING!!! It is so beautiful!!! Have a wonderful day, Kim "

Kristin A.:
"thanks Michele! I love the veil and the necklace. the necklace is even more beautiful in person than in the picture on the website. thanks so much for everything! Kristin "

Kristine C: "All I can think to say is WOW!!!! Those look awesome. I am so excited! Kristine"

Laura J.: "Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how perfect the pearl hairpins were! They arrived on Friday as you promised and my daughter loved them. She looked great! Thanks so much for doing this quickly--I am thrilled to have found you and Francine was even happier! Laura"

Laura K.: "Michele, I received the crystal bow today and am thrilled! It is the most adorable thing EVER! I just love how it shines! I am obsessed with the AB crystal!!! :) Of course, I am so pleased with it!!! Thank you SO much! I can't wait for my flower girl to wear it! I will definitely send pictures! I still want you to make my hair piece as well! Thank you, again! I have already raved about you on The Knot!!!!! Sincerely, Laura"

Laura S.: "I love it! It is perfect and definitely me. The stars add just the right effect and I love the beads. Thanks again. Laura"

Laura U: "Hi Michele! I picked up the bracelet and ring this weekend and can't tell you enough how much I love it! The ring is SO perfect for my dress- I can't wait to wear it. You are so sweet with the wedding gift as well. Hopefully we'll be in touch in the future- either my friend's weddings, or just to get more fun jewelry from you! Thanks for making my day even more special already. :) Laura "

Lesley K.: "Yes and they are fabulous! In fact, I am wearing the Kiss earrings right now. Gorgeous! Thank you again, I love my pieces and you are a doll, Michele! Lesley "

Lillian M.:
"Hi, Thanks so much for the wonderful earrings. I'm wearing them today and boy I'm getting quite a few compliments!! They are beautiful!! Thanks again and happy holidays!!! Lillian "

Lisa R:
"Michele, I just wanted to let you know that I received my hair piece for my wedding today. It is just perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I think I will be able to use it even after our wedding. Thanks again, Lisa "

Lisa Sp: "Just wanted to let you know that it just arrived! It is gorgeous! The earrings are so delicate and the two pieces look great together. Have a great day. Lisa"

Lisa St.:
"The earrings are awesome! Thank you so much, Lisa"

Lillian M.:
"Hi, Thanks so much for the wonderful earrings. I'm wearing them today and boy I'm getting quite a few compliments!! They are beautiful!! Thanks again and happy holidays!!! Lillian "

Lisa: "Michele, I just wanted to let you know that I received my hair piece for my wedding today. It is just perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I think I will be able to use it even after our wedding. Thanks again, Lisa "

Lisa S.: "The earrings are awesome! Thank you so much, Lisa"

Lita T.: "Hi Michele- Putting dinner together for my family..... but wanted to let you know that your package arrived. WOW....... So very lovely!! She's going to adore this. I DO :) Lita "

Liz Fr.: "Hi Michele, I received the tiara and the earrings. They're beautiful - and they look great with my dress. Liz "

Lucy M.: "Hello Michele, I got the necklace yesterday with the bracelet, they both GEORGEOUS, I love them! I feel so happy. I just saw the pictures for the other bracelet & earrings and they are perfect too. Thank you so much .Very nice job!!!!!! Lucy. "

Mandy K.: "Michele! Loving my earrings and necklace!!! I can't wait to try them on with my dress Sat. I really hope they work out b/c I love them!! Thanks so much for your hard work and beautiful talent :) I'll be in touch! Mandy "

Mariana C.: "Michele. Just got them and they are even more beautiful!!!! Thank you SOOOOO much. I'm so excited. Keep in touch. If there's ANYTHING I can do for you, please let me know. Mariana "

Melissa E.:
Michele, Your work is beautiful. thank you so much. It is exactly what I wanted in my mind! I love it. Mel "

Michelle B.:
"Michele, What you did is simply beautiful! Thank you so much for making these. I know the bridesmaids will love them as much as I do!! Sincerely,, Chellz ;)"

Mitsy B.:
"Hi Michele, I received the necklace yesterday. It's beautiful! Thanks, Mitzy"

Nachelli P.: "Dear Michele:} I absolutely loved my necklace and my mother almost cried when she saw it on me. You have gone beyond helpful and I am so glad to be doing business with you. With sincere thanks, Chelli "

Nicole G: "Hi Michele, The necklaces got here yesterday, they are great!! Exactly what I was looking for, you did a beautiful job. I can't wait to give them to everyone. I am filing away your business card, so should I have a need in the future, I will contact you. I would also not hesitate to refer friends and family to you. Thanks, again for all your help. Nicole "

Paige G.: "Michele, Good Morning! I got my headpiece yesterday. It is exquisite! Iabsolutely love it!!! Paige"

Pat W.:
"Dear Michele, I received, as a Christmas gift from my children, a necklace that you created. The necklace was purchased at the Garlic Press. It is a beautiful necklace, a gift that I will always cherish. I have a son who is also an artist and so I am very appreciative of creative talents. You are gifted and I wish you the all the best in your career as an artist. Pat"

Patrice's Mom:
"God bless her hands!!!" She said, over the phone, when they received their headpiece in the mail.

Paula C.:
"Hi Michele, I just wanted to let you know that everything went fine with the wedding, and your veil was a HIT! So... I may be sending some customers to you. Paula"

Paula D.:
"Michele, I received some beautiful blue earrings. You are so sweet!! Thank you so much. Paula "

Penny M.:
"Michele, Just wanted to again thank you for the beautiful veil! I absolutely love it and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into it. Thanks so much! Penny"

Rene P.:
"Michele, The veil worked out great and everyone I gave your jewelry to just loved it - especially my friend Nancy, she is extremely creative like you! Rene"

Sarah Bz.: "Michele, I still cannot tell you how I love the veil. I brought it into work, and everyone was amazed. I definitely would love to have you make a necklace and some earrings for me. As far as earrings go, I love your idea of making a cluster of beads, like you made the bobby pins (I was so excited when I saw those!!). I think they will love it. I truly love the ideas you are coming up with. I love that I will be wearing so much color at the wedding. Love, Sarah"

Shelinda H.: "I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Shelinda"

Susie M.: "My Dear Friend Michele, Jill called me a week ago and she LOVES EVERYTHING!!! She said that when she first opened the box, she just had to look at if for quite awhile because she had never seen anything so beautiful. She was so excited, I only wish you could have heard her voice. You are so very gifted Michele, ... Lovingly susie"

Tanya R.:
"Hi Michele, I was out of town over the weekend so I just got my mail. I LOVE my veil necklace and bracelet. They are absolutely perfect!!!! Thank you so much. The colors and the stones are so me!! I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect! You did a fabulous job! I will send you pictures of me wearing it after my wedding in August. Thanks again, it has been a pleasure to do business with you!! With thanks and smiles- Tanya"

Teri P.:
"Michele, Thank you so much for making this necklace for me. My daughter loved it! You do beautiful work! I will certainly keep you in mind for any future pieces. Thanks again Teri"

Teri H.: "Michele, Carrie was absolutely beautiful, and we got a million comments on how great the veil looked - and the girls' jewelry. We couldn't have been happier! Teri"

Trisha P.: "It is SOOOO beautiful! I am too excited for words!!!! Trisha"

Victoria: "Michele, So I've just received the wonderful comb veil and necklace you made for me and of course the earrings and the kinkette choker. It all is so wonderful! Thanks so much for your care in making these pieces for me, it's so nice to know that the artist that made them did so just for me! Thanks for your help, I've really enjoyed working with you. I think it's so cool that you are a part of my wedding even with you being so far away. The internet makes the world so much smaller and easier to navigate. Thanks again! -Victoria"

Ursula G.: "Michele, Hi there! I got my pieces in the mail yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you so much and to let you know how beautiful I think your work is. I can hardly wait for Christmas to get here so I can give the pieces to my sister & mother! Thanks again, Ursula "

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