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Bloomington, IL--(MelanieMichele)--July 11, 2002--MelanieMichele's 3-Dimensional 'Diamonds Play in Your Light' collection, different and unusual, awakens the girl in all of us. Styled into nine different variations of diamond shapes, these precious little faceted sculptures are made with 3 mm Swarovski∆ crystals and 14K gold. 'These Diamonds won't be stashed away,' says MelanieMichele designer Michele Bock.

Our diamond shapes were inspired by our 3-Dimensional headpiece/necklace, a solid geometrical shape of crystals, and from the dress designs we saw on the runways. We love diamonds and we thought it would be fun to create our own. We started with the perfect Swarovski® crystal and 14K gold wire, and we pulled them together into our own unique diamond shapes. Sparkling light is reflected everywhere off these earrings and their matching pendant necklaces.

We started our 'Diamonds Play in Your Light' collection with the 'Trillant', a delightful wedge with pointed corners. It is small, intricate and adorable. This design also lends itself to many color combinations: our favorite is the Aqua and Violet earrings we call 'sweets'. Start wearing these scrumptious bits with your winter wardrobe and you won’t want to take them off until next fall.

The original 'Marquise' was inspired by a smile. According to legend, King Louis XIV was so enamored with the shape of Marquise de Pompadour's mouth, he ordered a diamond to be cut in its form. Ours looks more like a toothy grin. When you are wearing them, they are a nice reminder to smile.

The 'Princess', a square European pillow of numerous facets, freely moves and seems to shape-shift before your eyes. They are a delightful 'double-take'; pair of earrings with their fiery sparkle. The 'Princess', when suspended at its corner, makes a diamond shape: 'Princess Two'.

Our 'Square' has given life to a couple of designs: .25 (Quarter) Carat and .5 (Half) Carat. Their delicate size is perfect for intimate occasions. They are a delight to watch when they are in full action mode and are so light they seem weightless. We have also taken the .25 (Quarter) Carat design and made a long drop. These 'Four Quarter Carat Drops' are perfect for an elegant evening.

The ‘Open Pear’, with its classic crystal shape is youthful and charming: this shape is perfect for any occasion.

Finally, our 'Rose'. These beautiful earrings were inspired by the rose diamond shape, a 3-dimensional round tab. As they dangle gracefully from the ear, these earrings go well with any beautiful outfit.

It has been very exciting for us to watch this ‘Diamonds Play in Your Light’ collection grow. We have really enjoyed playing with the diamond shapes and hope you will delight in them as much as we do. Most designs can be made in colors: Amethyst, Aqua, Aqua AB, Burgundy, Crystal, Crystal AB, Crystal Helio, Erinite, Garnet, Jet, Jonquil, Peridot, Rose, Sapphire AB, Smoky Topaz, Tanzanite, Violet,and or any combination of these.

MelanieMichele® has been designing unique jewelry and headpieces since 1998. Designers Michele and Melanie Bock love to inject their sense of style into each custom-created work. Each piece is an artistic fusion of contemporary, feminine, smart, and classic styling and has a trend-conscious twist. Our modern heirlooms are cataloged at: High resolution digital photos are also available for print reproduction.

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